YALCO – Socrates D. Constantinou & Son S.A. was founded in Drama in 1920 as a family business and has developed, during the course of its almost one-hundred-year history, into one of the leading Greek companies in the commercial sector. As the largest distributor of household goods and hotel equipment in Greece, YALCO is the exclusive provider of top-name products from European, American and Asian manufacturers. At the same time, since 2001 it has been active in the production of non-stick cookware under the name FEST, with a significant share of the Greek market and exports to more than 35 countries. The company also has retail outlets for household items  (IONIA), while it is expanding its activities into new, dynamic sectors, such as air-conditioning as well as warehousing and distribution services for third parties. 

In 1995, YALCO was listed on the Athens Stock Exchange.Today, it employs over 140 people.

The company has offices and showrooms in Athens, Thessaloniki, and Rhodes. Since 2008, its distribution center has been located 40 km North of Athens, where it has built an ultramodern center for warehousing and distribution, with room for over 30,000 pallets. 

Today, YALCO remains one of the most steadily growing Greek companies – thanks to prudent management, adherence to long-term goals, employment of experienced personnel and its timely ability to seize new business opportunities

Company Profile